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Definition of Intraclass correlation coefficient

Intraclass correlation coefficient Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Electronic Statistics Textbook
The value of the population intraclass correlation coefficient is a measure of the homogeneity of observations within the classes of a random factor relative to the variability of such observations between classes. It will be zero only when the estimated effect of the random factor is zero and will reach unity only when the estimated effect of error is zero, given that the the total variation of the observations is greater than zero (see Hays, 1988, p. 485).
Note that the population intraclass correlation can be estimated using variance component estimation methods. For more information see the chapter on Variance Components and Mixed-Model ANOVA/ANCOVA .
Intraclass correlation coefficient Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
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In statistics, the intraclass correlation (or the intraclass correlation coefficient, abbreviated ICC) is a descriptive statistic that can be used when quantitative measurements are made on units that are organized into groups. It describes how strongly units in the same group resemble each other. While it is viewed as a type of correlation, unlike most other correlation measures it operates on data structured as groups, rather than data structured as paired observations.

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