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Definition of Hypermedia

Babylon English

(Computers) system in which various types of media are connected by a hypertext program so that users can move between them in a non-linear manner (the World Wide Web is one such system)
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n : a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together [syn: hypermedia system , interactive multimedia, interactive multimedia system ]

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 hypermedia system 
WordNet 2.0

1. a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together
(synonym) hypermedia system, interactive multimedia, interactive multimedia system
(hypernym) multimedia, multimedia system
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Learning, Performance and Training Definitions
Multilevel interactive computer based instruction or information management system. Includes video, slides, graphics, sound, and other systems controlled through the hypermedia system.
Donald Clark
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Telecommunication Standard Terms
Computer-addressable files that contain pointers for linking to multimedia information, such as text, graphics, video, or audio in the same or other documents. Note: The use of hypertext links is known as navigating.
Technical English by wpv
Describes hypertext in which various types of data can be stored - sound, images, video and so on - as regular text.
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A Glossary of Internet & PC Terminology
Basically, Hypertext that also contains Multimedia components.
WebGuest Web Glossary
Pictures, videos, and audio on a Web page that act as hyperlinks  .
Jensen's Technology Glossary
Hypertext with added features for audio and video features. Hypermedia may also entail touchscreen or remote control capabilities such that users can navigate by touching the computer screen or remote control devices. Eventually hypermedia will entail other senses such as smell. The key to hypermedia is random access that allows lightning-fast non linear navigation based upon reader choice or other reader actions such as responses to questions. The term "multimedia" is not totally synonymous with "hypermedia," because multimedia may not entail hypertext authoring. (See also Hypertext, Multimedia, and Timeline presentation) Training workshops are offered by the IAT (Institute for Advanced Technology) (919-405-1900). The IAT also broadcasts training courses via satellite KU and C bands and distributes tapes of those broadcasts. An extensive listing of training programs is provided in Appendix 6. For an introduction to hypermedia, see Jensen (1993). Further details on ToolBook and other authoring options are given in Chapter 3. (Also see Asynchronous Learning Networks, CD, Hyperfiction, Authoring, RAID, and CMS)
Internet Glossary
A system for storing information using embedded references to other pages, sounds, and graphics used on the WWW.
Like hypertext,but includes other interlinking media,such as graphics,audio,video,and VRML.The WWW is a Hpermedia environment besause it allows multiple media types to all be available in the same document.
The Internet Dictionary
A blending of hypertext and multimedia.
Multimedia Glossary
a system or document that presents multiple pathways that the user can select and follow, rather than simply follow from beginning to end; it may include text, graphics, sound and other types of data
Multimedia Glossary
" hypertext " with links not only to text, but also to other forms of media - sounds , graphics , movies/video , animation .
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Hypermedia, an extension of the term hypertext, is a nonlinear medium of information which includes graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks. This contrasts with the broader term multimedia, which may include non-interactive linear presentations as well as hypermedia. It is also related to the field of electronic literature. The term was first used in a 1965 article by Ted Nelson.

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