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Definition of Human development index

Human development index Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Fishery Glossary
Measure based on three indicators: (a) longevity, as measured by life expectancy at birth, (b) educational and combined primary, secondary and tertiary enrolment ratios (one-third weight) and (c) standard of living, as measured by real gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (in purchasing power parity). United Nations (1997
Human development index Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income per capita indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. A country scores higher HDI when the life expectancy at birth is longer, the education period is longer, and the income per capita is higher. The HDI was developed by Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq, often framed in terms of whether people are able to "be" and "do" desirable things in their life, and was published by the United Nations Development Programme.

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