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Definition of Hesed

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(kindness), the son of Hesed or Ben-Chesed, was commissary for Solomon. (1 Kings 4:10) (B.C. about 995.)
Smith's Bible Dictionary (1884) , by William Smith. About
Hesed(h) or Chesed (Hebrew) Love, kindness; the fourth Sephirah, Mercy, Love, or Compassion, also called Gedulah (greatness, magnificence), emanated from the three preceding Sephiroth or first triad. Hesed is regarded as an active masculine potency, the second in the right pillar of the Sephirothal Tree. Its Divine Name is 'El (the mighty); in the Angelic Order it is represented as the Hashmaim (the scintillating flames), as of polished or burnished brass. In its application to the human body, regarded as the right arm, giving strength; while in its application to the seven globes of our planetary chain it corresponds to globe G. From this Sephiroth is emanated the fifth, Geburah.
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Chesed (חסד, also Romanized khesed, ẖesed) is a Hebrew word commonly translated as "loving-kindness," "kindness" or "love." Chesed is central to Jewish ethics and Jewish theology and is a common term in the Bible for describing God’s love for humankind and God’s special relationship with the Children of Israel.

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