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Definition of Gas-oil ratio

Gas-oil ratio Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
Glossary of petroleum Industry
The number of cubic feet of natural gas produced with a barrel of oil. The ratio is expressed 5001 or 10001, whatever the volume of gas measured at the well that is produced per barrel of oil. A high gas-to-oil ratio is extremely undesirable because the pressure in a reservoir, the propulsive force to move the oil in the formation to the boreholes, is being depleted. And with the reservoir pressure gone, a great percentage of the oil may not be recoverable, except by a costly secondary recovery program. gas-oil ratio (GOR) is a measure of the volume of gas produced with oil, expressed in cubic feet per barrel or cubic meters per metric ton.
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When oil is brought to surface conditions it is usual for some natural gas to come out of solution. The gas/oil ratio (GOR) is the ratio of the volume of gas that comes out of solution, to the volume of oil at standard conditions.

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