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Definition of Facial

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of or pertaining to the face; intended for the face (i.e. cream, lotion, etc.)
cosmetic treatment for the face
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\fa"cial\ (?), a. [ll. facialis, fr. l. facies face : cf. f. facial.] of or pertaining to the face; as, the facial artery, vein, or nerve. -- fa"cial*ly, adv.
angle (anat.), the angle, in a skull, included between a straight line (ab, in the illustrations), from the most prominent part of the forehead to the front efge of the upper jaw bone, and another (cd) from this point to the center of the external auditory opening. see gnathic index, under gnathic.

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 facial expression 
 posterior facial vein 
 facial angle 
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Pertaining to the face.
WordNet 2.0

1. cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles
(synonym) facial nerve, nervus facialis, seventh cranial nerve
(hypernym) cranial nerve
(part-holonym) face, human face
2. care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams
(hypernym) skin care, skincare

1. of or concerning the face; "a facial massage"; "facial hair"; "facial expression"
(pertainym) face, human face
2. of or pertaining to the outside surface of an object
(pertainym) side, face
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Fear of beards
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A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. They are normally performed in beauty salons but are also a common spa treatment. Facials are generally categorized, for example:
  • European facial
  • LED light therapy facial
  • Mini-facial

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CUVC Volleyball Glossary
What you get when a spike hits you in the face. See six-pack and Mikasa tattoo.
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