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Definition of Ens realissimum

Ens realissimum Definition from Arts & Humanities Dictionaries & Glossaries
Kant Glossary
[A576/B604] Is a "transcendental ideal...the supreme and complete material condition of the possibility of all that exists--the condition to which all thought of objects, so far as their content is concerned, has to be traced back. This ideal is legitimate--"the only true ideal of which human reason is capable"--although unobtainable; presumably, to trace intuition back to the ens realisimum would be to trace it back to its "really real" source in the "transcendental object=x" which affects our minds to cause intuitions. Whether these affecting objects are "objects in themselves" is controversial; it is tempting to think that they are (and thus hold an Allisonian dual-aspect interpretation of transcendental idealism), although it is also clear that Kant ought to deny that we can have such knowledge.