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Definition of Empfindsamkeit

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(German) "sensitive" or "sentimentality", style of music of the mid 18th century which expressed the feelings of its actual composers and is characterized by rhapsodic melody homophonic texture (Music)
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It is translated as sensitive style. It was the North German equivalent of Style Galant in 1750-1780. The romantic variety of Rococo style. Tries to arrive at an expression of true and natural feelings, anticipating to some extent the Romanticism of the nineteenth century. It aims to portray subjective expression, especially melancholy. Typical example is CPE Bach's music. WF Bach's music also falls into this category. The volkstumliche Lied and Singspiel are the results of this movement.
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Empfindsamkeit is German for sensibility and may refer to:
  • Sentimentalism (literature)
  • Sensitive style, a composition style in 18th-century German music

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