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Definition of Elah

Elah Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Easton's Bible Dictionary
terebinth or oak. (1.) Valley of, where the Israelites were encamped when David killed Goliath (1 Sam. 17:2, 19). It was near Shochoh of Judah and Azekah (17:1). It is the modern Wady es-Sunt, i.e., "valley of the acacia." "The terebinths from which the valley of Elah takes its name still cling to their ancient soil. On the west side of the valley, near Shochoh, there is a very large and ancient tree of this kind known as the 'terebinth of Wady Sur,' 55 feet in height, its trunk 17 feet in circumference, and the breadth of its shade no less than 75 feet. It marks the upper end of the Elah valley, and forms a noted object, being one of the largest terebinths in Palestine." Geikie's, The Holy Land, etc. (2.) One of the Edomite chiefs or "dukes" of Mount Seir (Gen. 36:41). (3.) The second of the three sons of Caleb, the son of Jephunneh (1 Chr. 4:15). (4.) The son and successor of Baasha, king of Israel (1 Kings 16:8-10). He was killed while drunk by Zimri, one of the captains of his chariots, and was the last king of the line of Baasha. Thus was fullfilled the prophecy of Jehu (6, 7, 11-14). (5.) The father of Hoshea, the last king of Israel (2 Kings 15:30; 17:1).
Smith's Bible Dictionary

→ One of the dukes of Edom. (Genesis 36:41; 1 Chronicles 1:52)
→ Shimei ben-Elah was Solomon's commissariat officer in Benjamin. (1 Kings 4:18) (B.C. 1013.)
→ A son of Caleb the son of Jephuneh. (1 Chronicles 4:15) (B.C. 1450.)
→ Son of Uzzi, a Benjamite, (1 Chronicles 9:8) s, and one of the chiefs of the tribe at the settlement of the country. (B.C. 536.) (an oak, strength).
→ The son and successor of Baasha king of Israel. (1 Kings 16:8-10) His reign laster for little more than a year; comp. ver. 8 with 10. (B.C. 928-7.) He was killed while drunk, by Zimri, in the house of his steward Azra, who was probably a confederate in the plot.
→ Father of Hoshea, the last king of Israel. (2 Kings 15:30; 17:1) (B.C. 729 or before.).
Smith's Bible Dictionary (1884) , by William Smith. About
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
an oak; a curse; perjury
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (1869) , by Roswell D. Hitchcock. About
Elah Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
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Elah may refer to:
  • Elah, one of the names of the Judaic god during those times when Aramaic was the dominant language
  • King Elah of Israel
  • The Valley of Elah, where the biblical David fought Goliath
  • Elah (Edom), a member of the Edomite clan
  • Pistacia palaestina, one of the trees also known as terebinth
  • In the Valley of Elah, a 2007 film

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