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Definition of Decoding

Babylon English

process of interpreting a code
interpret a code, find the meaning of a code
Decoding Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
MONASH Marketing Dictionary
the step in the communication process in which the receiver accepts and interprets the message. See Communication Process; Encoding.
2004 (c) Copyright & Reprint Courtesy of the Dept. of Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University; edited by Mr. Don Bradmore.
Decoding Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
RF Electronics
Process of converting code words into corresponding signal values.
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
The process of restoring original messages from the forms in which they were transmitted, stored or enciphered by applying a suitable code. In a simple communication chain decoding tends to be the inverse of encoding. (Krippendorff )
Conversion of encoded data into its original form (plaintext) reversing encoding. (Hornung )
Decoding Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Decoding is the process of transforming information from a difficult to understand stored symbols format to one that is easier to understand -which is the reverse of encoding. The corresponding verb is to decode. Specifically, it may also refer to:
  • Parsing in computer science
  • Digital-to-analog converter, "decoding" of a digital signal
  • Phonics decoding in communication theory
  • Decode (song), a 2008 song by Paramore
  • deCODE genetics
  • Decode (Oracle)

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Decoding Definition from Language, Idioms & Slang Dictionaries & Glossaries
WordNet 2.0

1. the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text; "a secret key or password is required for decryption"
(synonym) decryption, decipherment
(hypernym) cryptography, coding, secret writing
(hyponym) decompression
(derivation) decode, decrypt, decipher

1. convert code into ordinary language
(synonym) decrypt, decipher
(antonym) encode, code, encipher, cipher, cypher, encrypt, inscribe, write in code
(hypernym) rewrite
(derivation) decoding, decryption, decipherment