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Definition of Covariate

Covariate Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Common Concepts in Statistics
Generally used to mean explanatory variable, less generally an additional explanatory variable is of no interest but included in the model. More specifically, it denotes a 'continuous' explanatory variable which is unaffected by treatments and has a linear relationship to the response. The intention is to produce more precise estimates of the effect of the explanatory variable of main interest. In the analysis, a model is first fitted using the covariate (and the blocking factor, if any). Then the main explanatory variable is added and its additional effect is assessed statistically. Whether the use of a covariate is wise can be judged by checking its effect on the residual (error) mean square (variance). If the addition of covariate reduces it remarkably, it will improve the analysis. See also covariance models.
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In statistics, a covariate is a variable that is possibly predictive of the outcome under study. A covariate may be of direct interest or it may be a confounding or interacting variable.

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