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Definition of Climbing

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scaling, going up, ascending; sport of going up mountains, sport of ascending a wall or rocks
having a inclination to climb (such as a climbing plant)
ascend, go up; slope upward; gradually move upward
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

p. pr. & vb. n. of Climb.
(p. pr. & vb. n.)
of Climb
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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\climb"ing\, p. pr. & vb. n. of climb.
fern. see under fern.
perch. (zo?l.) see anabas, and labyrinthici.
adj : used especially of plants; having a tendency to climb; "a climbing fern"; "plants of a creeping or scandent nature" [syn: climbing(a) , scandent]
n : an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.) [syn: climb, mounting]

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English Phonetics
JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Dringiad = n. a climbing
WordNet 2.0

1. an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)
(synonym) climb, mounting
(hypernym) rise, rising, ascent, ascension
(derivation) climb, climb up, mount, go up

1. an upward slope or grade (as in a road); "the car couldn't make it up the rise"
(synonym) ascent, acclivity, rise, raise, upgrade
(hypernym) slope, incline, side
(hyponym) uphill
2. an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)
(synonym) climbing, mounting
(hypernym) rise, rising, ascent, ascension
(derivation) wax, mount, rise
3. the act of climbing something; "it was a difficult climb to the top"
(synonym) mount
(hypernym) rise, ascent, ascension, ascending
(hyponym) scaling
(derivation) climb up, mount, go up

1. go upward with gradual or continuous progress; "Did you ever climb up the hill behind your house?"
(synonym) climb up, mount, go up
(hypernym) rise, lift, arise, move up, go up, come up, uprise
(hyponym) scale
(see-also) hop on, mount, mount up, get on, jump on, climb on, bestride
(derivation) ascent, acclivity, rise, raise, upgrade
2. move with difficulty, by grasping
(hypernym) move
(hyponym) clamber, scramble, shin, shinny, skin, struggle, sputter
3. go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
(synonym) wax, mount, rise
(hypernym) increase
(hyponym) jump
(derivation) climbing, mounting
4. slope upward; "The path climbed all the way to the top of the hill"
(hypernym) slope, incline, pitch
(derivation) ascent, acclivity, rise, raise, upgrade
5. improve one's social status; "This young man knows how to climb the social ladder"
(hypernym) progress, come on, come along, advance, get on, get along, shape up
(derivation) social climber, climber
6. increase in value or to a higher point; "prices climbed steeply"; "the value of our house rose sharply last year"
(synonym) rise, go up
(hypernym) grow
(hyponym) soar
(derivation) climbing, mounting
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Dream Dictionary
To dream of climbing up a hill or mountain and reaching the top, you will overcome the most formidable obstacles between you and a prosperous future; but if you should fail to reach the top, your dearest plans will suffer being wrecked. To climb a ladder to the last rung, you will succeed in business; but if the ladder breaks, you will be plunged into unexpected straits, and accidents may happen to you. To see yourself climbing the side of a house in some mysterious way in a dream, and to have a window suddenly open to let you in, foretells that you will make or have made extraordinary ventures against the approbation of friends, but success will eventually crown your efforts, though there will be times when despair will almost enshroud you.

See Ascend Hill and Mountain.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Climbing is the activity of using one's hands, feet, or any other part of the body to ascend a steep object. It is done recreationally, competitively, in trades that rely on it, and in emergency rescue and military operations. It is done indoors and out, on natural and manmade structures.

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Climbing!, also known as Mountain Climbing!, is the official debut studio album by American blues rock band Mountain. Released on March 7, 1970, the album featured the 'classic' Mountain lineup of Leslie West (guitar, vocals), Felix Pappalardi (bass, piano) and Corky Laing (drums, percussion), and followed the West solo album Mountain featuring Pappalardi and drummer Norman Smart, released in 1969 and often credited to the band. Produced by Pappalardi, the album reached number 17 on the American Billboard 200 albums chart and featured the band's best-known song, "Mississippi Queen". "For Yasgur's Farm" was actually performed at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 with a different title. It was retitled for the album.

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american horse racing dictionary
When a horse lifts its front legs abnormally high as it gallops, causing it to run inefficiently ; usually when rank or under severe restraint