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Definition of Climax vegetation

Climax vegetation Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Soil Glossary - Mani
A fully developed plant community that is in equilibrium with its environment.
Agricultural Glossary/yigini2004
: A fully developed plant community that is in equilibrium with its environment.
The mix of plants that will eventually grow at any placed if left undisturbed for a long time. Common names for types of climax vegetation include savanna, tropical rainforest, and tundra. They are all releated to the world's main climatic zones.
Glossary Of Geography
The vegetation that would exist in an area if growth had proceeded undisturbed for an extended period. This would be the "final" collection of plant types that presumably would remain forever, or until the stable conditions were somehow disturbed.
Climax vegetation Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
In ecology, climax community, or climatic climax community, is a historic term that expressed a biological community of plants and animals and fungi which, through the process of ecological succession  the development of vegetation in an area over time, had reached a steady state. This equilibrium was thought to occur because the climax community is composed of species best adapted to average conditions in that area. The term is sometimes also applied in soil development. Nevertheless, it has been found that a "steady state" is more apparent than real, particularly if long-enough periods of time are taken into consideration. Notwithstanding, it remains a useful concept.

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