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Definition of Cheques

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check, written order from one party directing a bank to pay a specified amount of money to another party
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perhaps intended for ethics
WordNet 2.0

1. a written order directing a bank to pay money; "he paid all his bills by check"
(synonym) check, bank check
(hypernym) draft, bill of exchange, order of payment
(hyponym) bad check, bad cheque
(derivation) check out

1. withdraw money by writing a check
(synonym) check out
(hypernym) withdraw, draw, take out, draw off
(derivation) check, bank check
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The Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Arms and Armour Glossary
Books of account where the results of jousts were kept, generally from the late 15th century onwards. Often these books were accompanied by color depictions of the knight's devices , making them a colorful record of late tournaments . 
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
A cheque (or check in American English) is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person's account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued. The person writing the cheque, the drawer, has a transaction banking account  (often called a current, cheque, chequing or checking account) where their money is held. The drawer writes the various details including the monetary amount, date, and a payee on the cheque, and signs it, ordering their bank, known as the drawee, to pay that person or company the amount of money stated.

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