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Definition of Chan

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(Chinese) family name; unusual female first name; chief school of Chinese Buddhism, Chinese adaptation of a type of Indian meditation that is influenced by native Chinese Taoism; Zen, Buddhist religion practiced in Japan
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Abbreviation Airbus A340
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CHAN may refer to

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Chan may refer to:

  • Alexandre Chan (born 1942) famous architect and awarded bridge designer.
  • Andrew Chan, an Australian criminal who was on death row in Indonesia; he was a member of Bali 9 and was executed in April 2015
  • Chan Marshall, American musician better known as Cat Power
  • Mam Nai, former lieutenant of the internal security branch of Khmer Rouge
  • Chan (surname), Chinese surname; Mandarin transcription of the same name is Chen (surname)
    • Agnes Chan (born 1955), Hong Kong singer, also famous in Japan
    • Charlie Chan, fictional Chinese-American
    • Eason Chan (born 1974), Hong Kong actor and singer
    • Francis Chan (born 1967), American preacher
    • Frankie Chan (born 1955), nephew of Brian Leung
    • Jackie Chan (born 1954), Chinese actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, singer and stunt performer
    • Jordan Chan Siu-Chun (born 1967), Chinese singer
    • Johnny Chan (poker player) (born 1957), poker player
    • Kim Chan (1917–2008), American actor
    • Margaret Chan (born 1947), Director of World Health Organization
    • Moses Chan (born 1971), Hong Kong actor
    • Leighton Chan (born 1961), Physician Researcher
    • Patrick Chan (born 1990), Canadian figure skater
    • Priscilla Chan (singer) (born 1965), Hong Kong singer
    • Priscilla Chan (philanthropist) (born 1985), philanthropist and wife of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg
    • Vincy Chan (born 1982), Cantonese pop singer from Hong Kong
    • Wing-tsit Chan (1901–1994), Chinese scholar
    • Yau-Man Chan (born 1952), Chief Technology Officer for Computing Services, Network Services, and Telecommunications at the University of California, Berkeley's College of Chemistry

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Chan (, of ), from Sanskrit dhyana, meaning "meditation" or "meditative state") is a school of Mahayana Buddhism developed in China from the 6th century CE onwards, becoming dominant during the Tang and Song dynasties. After the Yuan, Chan more or less fused with Pure Land Buddhism.

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An imageboard or image board is a type of Internet forum which operates mostly via posting images. The first imageboards were created in Japan, and many English language imageboards today are centered on Japanese culture. They are based on the textboard concept.

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Klingon - English
n. eastward, area toward the east (90 degrees on Terran 360 degree compass with north as 0 and degrees counted clockwise)
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The Chinese name for Zen Buddhism .