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Definition of Boso

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Boso may refer to:

  • Boso of Provence (850–887), Frankish nobleman and king
  • Boso the Elder (c. 800–855), a Frank from the Bosonid dynasty
  • Boso of Tuscany (885–936), Italian nobleman
  • Boso of Merseburg (d. 970), German bishop
  • Boso of Sant'Anastasia (d. c. 1127), cardinal and bishop of Turin
  • Boso Breakspeare (d. c. 1178), third English Cardinal
  • Cap Boso (b. 1963), American football player

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Boso (c. 841–February/December 19, 887) was a Frankish nobleman of the Bosonid family who was related to the Carolingian dynasty and who rose to become King of Lower Burgundy and Provence.

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