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Definition of Bending moment

Bending moment Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Oil and Gas Field Glossary
The moment tending to bend the workstring or bottomhole assembly measured in Lb-ft or Newton-meters.
Technical English by wpv
The algebraic sum of the couples or the moments of the external forces, or both, to the left or right of any section on a member subjected to bending by couples or transverse forces, or both.
Bending moment Definition from Encyclopedia Dictionaries & Glossaries
English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
A bending moment is the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force or moment is applied to the element causing the element to bend. The most common or simplest structural element subjected to bending moments is the beam. The example shows a beam which is simply supported at both ends. Simply supported means that each end of the beam can rotate, therefore each end support has no bending moment. The ends can only react to the shear load. Other beams can have both ends fixed, therefore each end support has both bending moment and shear reaction loads. Beams can also have one end fixed and one end simply supported. The simplest type of beam is the cantilever, which is fixed at one end and is free at the other end (neither simple or fixed). In reality, beam supports are usually neither absolutely fixed nor absolutely rotating freely.

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Bending moment Definition from Sports Dictionaries & Glossaries
Is the result of vertical forces acting on a ship as a result of local differences between weight and buoyancy. The total of these forces should be zero, otherwise change of draft will occur. At sea the bending moment will change as a result of wave impact which than periodically changes the buoyancy distribution.
Note: The maximum allowed bending moment of a vessel is restricted by the class bureau to certain limits which are different under port and sea conditions.