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Definition of Banged up

Babylon English

bruised and battered, injured, damaged
damage, beat someone badly; damage badly (e.g., "He banged up his car")
(Colloquial) excellent, terrific, top-notch (e.g. That sure was a bang-up party; it may be the best one I've ever been to!)
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Australian Slang
be pregnant
London Slang
to be put in prison. eg "Did you hear John got banged up for that blag"
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Histoire de pen (also released internationally as Inside, and in the United Kingdom as Banged Up) is a Québécois film directed by Michel Jetté and released in 2002, about a young man's time in a penitentiary. It is based on Léo Lévesque's collection of prison stories Contes en coup de poing. The film was classified 13+ in Québec and 18+ in the United Kingdom, and features Emmanuel Auger, Karyne Lemieux and David Boutin.

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