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Definition of Aum

Aum Definition from Language, Idioms & Slang Dictionaries & Glossaries
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Same as Aam.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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WordNet 2.0

1. a terrorist organization whose goal is to take over Japan and then the world; based on a religion founded in 1987 that combines elements of Buddhism with Christianity; "in 1995 Aum members released deadly sarin gas on a Tokyo subway train"
(synonym) Aum Shinrikyo, Supreme Truth
(hypernym) terrorist organization, terrorist group, foreign terrorist organization, FTO
(classification) Japan, Nippon, Nihon
Aum Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Industry Glossary
Amount of feed or forage required to maintain one animal unit (e.g., a 1,000-lb cow and calf) for one month.
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English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
AUM may refer to:
  • Auburn University at Montgomery, a public university in Alabama
  • American University of Madaba, a private university in Jordan
  • American University of Malta, a proposed private educational institution in Malta
  • Anxiety/Uncertainty Management
  • Assets under management
  • Audiological Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal
  • August Underground's Mordum, an exploitation film
  • AUM Fidelity, a jazz record label
  • Animal unit month

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Om (IAST: Auṃ or Oṃ, Sanskrit: ॐ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Indian religions. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

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Om is a sacred syllable of Hinduism. The syllable Om is also referred to as Omkara

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Aum Definition from Society & Culture Dictionaries & Glossaries
Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
Animal Unit Month.
Aum Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Aum (Sanskrit) The ancient Indians held that Om, when considered as a single letter ({Sanskrit character}) was the symbol of the Supreme; when written with three letters -- Aum -- it stood among other things for the three Vedas, the three gunas or qualities of nature, the three divisions of the universe, and the deities of the Hindu Trimurti -- Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva -- concerned in the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe or the beings composing it. "The mystic formula, résumé of every science, contained in the three mysterious letters, AUM which signify creation, conservation, and transformation" (IU 2:31). These three letters are supposed by some Hindus to have correspondences as follows: "The letter A is the Sattva Guna, U is the Rajas, and M is the Tamas; these three qualities are termed Nature (Prakriti). . . . A is Bhurloka, U is Bhuvarloka, and M is Svarloka; by these three letters the spirit exhibits itself" (Laheri in Lucifer 10:147). This word is said to have a morally spiritualizing effect if pronounced during meditation and when the mind is at peace and cleansed of all impurities. See also Om 
Om (Sanskrit) Also Aum. In Brahmanical literature, a syllable of invocation, considered very holy: "Om is the bow, the Self is the arrow, Brahman is called its aim" (Mandukya Upanishad 2:2). It is placed at the beginning of scriptures considered of unusual sanctity. "Prolonging the uttering of this word, both of the O and the M, with the mouth closed, it reechoes in and arouses vibration in the skull, and affects, if the aspirations be pure, the different nervous centers of the body for great good" (Fund 28). The virtue or spiritual and magical properties attributed to this word, however, arise out of the purity and devotion of the one uttering it.
Hinduism Glossary for Introduction to Religion
See om .
see Om
(AUM) Om is the conventional English misspelling of AUM. There are actually three distinct sounds, or phonemes, to AUM but the spelling "om" works out OK, because the English long "O" is actually the phonetic diphthong, "AU" anyway, rather than the phonetic sound of "O."