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Definition of Apparent power

Babylon English

product of the root-mean-square of voltage times the root-mean-square of current in an alternating-current circuit (Electricity)
Apparent power Definition from Science & Technology Dictionaries & Glossaries
Telecommunication Standard Terms
In alternating-current power transmission and distribution, the product of the rms voltage and amperage. Note 1: When the applied voltage and the current are in phase with one another, the apparent power is equal to the effective power, i.e., the real power delivered to or consumed by the load. If the current lags or leads the applied voltage, the apparent power is greater than the effective power. Note 2: Only effective power, i.e., the real power delivered to or consumed by the load, is expressed in watts. Apparent power is properly expressed only in volt-amperes, never watts. See diagram under effective power.
EIA Energy Glossary
The product of the voltage (in volts) and the current (in amperes). It comprises both active and reactive power.  It is measured in “volt-amperes” and often expressed in “kilovolt-amperes” (kVA) or “megavolt-amperes” (MVA).  See Power, Reactive Power, Real Power.
Source: Energy Information Administration, 2006
Technical English by wpv
A value of power for AC circuits that is calculated as the product of RMS current times RMS voltage, without taking the power factor into account.