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Definition of A d

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in the year of our Lord (Latin phrase which designates the years since the reputed date of the birth of Christ)
(stock market) tool used to calculate the total of differences between advances and declines of security prices
(British) airport, location used for aircraft landing and takeoff
item which is analogous to another using numbers
first assistant to the director whose duties include following the progress of filming against the schedule of production and also preparing call sheets (Movie Business); aid to a manager or director
automatic dialling feature
A d Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries
Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary
Advance-Decline, or measurement of the number of issues  trading above their previous closing prices less the number trading below their previous closing prices over a particular period. As a technical measure of market breadth, the steepness of the A-D line indicates whether a strong bull or bear market is under way.
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DOD Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations
Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Doctrine Division. ( About )
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Telecommunication Standard Terms
Abbreviation for analog-to-digital. See analog transmission.
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The CD Recordable Glossary
A device that samples an analog signal at regular intervals and quantizes each sample, that is, represents each sample's value with a binary number of some predetermined length. Analog-to-Digital conversion samples analog signals to produce a digital signal that describes the original analog signal.
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WordNet 2.0

1. in the Christian era; used before dates after the supposed year Christ was born; "in AD 200"
(synonym) AD, anno Domini